How To Choose The Best Compact JADA Commercial Treadmill

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How To Choose The Best Compact JADA Commercial Treadmill

Postby leejuly » Thu Apr 13, 2017 8:44 am

How Can You Choose the Right Commercial Treadmill?

Generally speaking, treadmills deliver the same benefits in terms of cardio health and overall fitness.

However, treadmills for running can differ in size, speed, and slope options.

In the gym, you can find professional-level treadmills that offer speeds of close to 30km per hour – that’s marathon speed! Most people won’t require this at home. A treadmill that offers walk to jog to brisk run more than suffices.

Many home treadmills approach gym quality. For somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand dollars, you can buy a home treadmill that offers a variety of speeds and inclines, and also provides digital readout that will tell you how far you’ve walked or run, how fast, and at what level of incline.

Ideally, when purchasing a home treadmill, you should buy the best you can afford, and as we’ve stated, about a thousand dollars gets you the best value and quality short of a piece of gym or health club equipment.

Many running machines come with additional features like cooling fans and iPod docks, so it’s really a matter of how much you want to spend on “bells and whistles.”

Consider the Benefits of Commercial Treadmill Running

We’ve already talked about some of the general advantages of using a home treadmill, but let’s get specific.

Here’s what a Home Use Treadmill will do for you:

You’ll get a great aerobic workout that challenges your lungs, heart, and muscles to get stronger and more efficient.
Your circulatory system will improve.
Your leg muscles will “tear down” with a vigorous workout, and then rebuild themselves stronger.
You’ll sweat, and expel retained water and impurities.
Your lower back will become stronger because of the effort you expend holding your body upright.
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