Back in 2002 I created a TARDIS interior that proved to be pretty popular. Since then I’ve been playing, adding, changing, adding, changing, adding. It’s become an ongoing obsession when I have some time to kill. This is my update.

I was bored and started working on how the console would actually go together. Basically each of the 6 sides slides onto rails until they lock into position. Kind of like the rails that server racks use. Also this image is for a 4k monitor. So it's rather large.
Lights on!!
Sticking in objects on the shelves and counter tops. I'd imagine the Doctor is quite messy and disorganized. You can see stuff in the 'far' workshop across the hallway. This is where all the big machinery is kept.
From the other side
the part under the consoles metal grill floor. Lets see who can find the Doctors Recorder. It's like where's Waldo?